Wilko divides shoppers on pet safety with £2 ‘chocolate’ Easter egg for dogs

Easter is just around the corner, meaning it’s almost time for the whole family to get together and dig into some seriously delicious chocolate.

And, if you have a family pet, then everyone knows they also have to be included because they are part of the family as well.

From dog advent calendars to trendy miniature furniture, pet themed merchandise has been slowly growing in popularity for shoppers to spoil their four-legged friends.

Now it looks like high-street retailer Wilko is involved in the action with a chocolate egg for dogs to have this Easter and it has seriously divided shoppers.

Feeding chocolate to dogs can be harmful and it is a fact that every dog owner knows, which is why the seasonal treat has been met with a sceptical response from some pet owners.

Despite this, the £2 Rosewood Choc Egg for Dogs is marketed as “safe for dogs” as it is made with an ingredient called Carob, unlike traditional chocolate eggs that are made with cocoa.

The retailer is selling a dog-friendly Easter egg but it has still sparked a debate among pet owners
The retailer is selling a dog-friendly Easter egg but it has still sparked a debate among pet owners

Carob is made from bean pods from carob tree’s and therefore doesn’t contain theobromine, which is the ingredient that causes dogs to become ill.

Nevertheless, debate over the safety of the product was sparked amongst dog owners after one savvy shopper shared a snap of the seasonal treat to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook.

“Is this a good idea giving dogs fake chocolate when there will be so many real easter eggs around.. I see disaster looming”, questioned one shopper.

“Not currently a dog owner but curious as to why people would risk giving them something that looks like an Easter egg? Will it not entice them to go for the actual chocolate eggs that could kill them?”, asked another.

“Just no! If your going to buy “doggy chocolate” go to a proper pet shop not some cheap store or just not buy doggy chocolate at all. No good for dogs regardless of it not being “real chocolate””, said a third.

While a fourth retaliated: “There the same ingredients as the ones in pets at home, I checked earlier.”

While the debate was certainly understandable, there were quite a few shoppers who couldn’t wait to pick up the chocolate treat for their pampered pooches.

“I would love to get this for my dog”, said one shopper.

“I could do with 3 of them”, commented a second.

“Omg we need to get them for the dogs”, commented a third.

The £2 Rosewood Choc Egg for Dogs is available in Wilko stores.

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