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Watch moment North Korean inmate escapes from prison Photo: Sergei Bulkin/NEWS.ru

The escape of Zhu Xianjian who managed to escape from a Chinese prison was caught on camera.

According to the video he managed to climb on one of the prison’s rooftops and used a rope to get over electric fences.

An immediate chase operation was launched to capture him, however the guards failed. 

Lastly he is seen jumping off a wall and after that he disappeared.

It took him just around 40 seconds to get out.

Chinese officials have installed a bounty on his head of over $23,000.

The escape itself was shown on Chinese state television.

The news about his escape sparked high discussion in China as prison escapes there are very rare due to high security.

Zhu was jailed back in 2013 when he managed to flee North Korea and then proceeded to steal from homes in nearby villages.

In one of the homes an old lady saw him and shouted for help.

“I took out a knife tied to my waist and stabbed the granny in the back. Then I noticed she was carrying a satchel. I tried to yank it off her but she wouldn’t let go, so I stabbed her a few times more,” he said in court according to China.

After a 40-day manhunt he was captured following a bounty increase to over $100,000.

Zhu had only two years in prison left before the escape.

After that he would have been sent back to North Korea.

It is possible that he attempted to escape in order not to be returned there.

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