Wakanda Forever wraps up filming in Puerto Rico

The sequel to the Black Panther starring Letitia Wright, has completed its filming process, and now it’s time to polish it for its premiere.

Now we can breathe a sigh of relief after the filming of Black Panther 2, it shooting, and even a thousand and one issues with its main character,  Letitia Wright , has concluded its filming on location in Puerto Rico. The injury of the aforementioned Wright was  a real ordeal for the production of the feature film , and the pandemic has not helped the work to develop normally either. However, now all that remains is for  Wakanda Forever  to go through a post-production process so that it arrives polished and with all the visual effects that the House of Ideas has accustomed us to.

If all goes well and no new problems with editing are found, and therefore reshoots and others have to start,  Black Panther 2  should be released on November 22 . In other words, towards the end of the year, we will be able to see What happened to Wakanda and how this branch is growing inside UCM after the death of Chadwick Bosman

The Marvel that’s on the way

Before this feature film, we will have the  Moon Knight  series on the Disney+ platform, the premiere of  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , and the arrival of  Thor: Love and Thunder  in theaters. For now, this film has not shown any teaser or trailer and was recently reshooting scenes with  Christian Bale, who plays Gorr the Butcher God .

Also, remember that it has also been confirmed that Marvel is working on a  Nova  series or movie. This new cosmic superhero will have a special relationship with  Guardians of the Galaxy  and with Thor above.  Phase 4 and the current universe are on fire  without the need to have the original Avengers as a flag.


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