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US Navy ship rescues two Iranian Seamen in Gulf Photo: pixabay.com

One of the US Naval Forces Central Command’s ships managed to rescue two seamen from Iran who were drifting in waters on their fishing boat for as long as eight days.

The fishermen were rescued in an area where the Arabian Sea connects with the Strait of Hormuz.

After receiving a distress call from the two seamen, NAVCENT came to the scene with food, medicaments, and water.

“We appreciate the government of Oman for its assistance and support in helping us return the mariners home”, NAVCENT commander Vice Admiral Brad Cooper said in a statement.

Adding that both fishermen were “in good health and spirits at the time of the transfer.”

The US and Iran are currently experiencing a surge in their relations following Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal.

The alleged incident involving US ships that attempted to steal Iranian oil from vessels only worsened the situation.

Earlier, it was reported that the United States said that Iranian claim of the US Navy attempting to confiscate Iranian crude oil off Oman’s coast is false as the spokesman of the Pentagon John Kirby said that the Iranian claim is “absolutely, totally false and untrue.”

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