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Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey steps down from his post Photo: pixabay.com

Meta’s Twitter made an announcement that its CEO Jack Dorsey will be replacing the company’s current chief technology officer Parag Agrawal.

However for now Dorsey will not leave Twitter completely as he will remain on the board of directors at least until 2022. 

Dorsey himself said that quitting the post was his own decision and he does not regret it.

“I’ve decided to leave Twitter because I believe the company is ready to move on from its founders. My trust in Parag as Twitter’s CEO is deep. His work over the past 10 years has been transformational. I’m deeply grateful for his skill, heart, and soul. It’s his time to lead,” he said in a statement.

New CEO Agrawal is also a veteran in the company as he has been working there for over a decade.

He occupied the senior post of chief technology officer ever since 2017.

“I want to thank the Board for their confidence in my leadership and Jack for his continued mentorship, support, and partnership. I look forward to building on everything we have accomplished under Jack’s leadership and I am incredibly energized by the opportunities ahead,” he said, commenting on the news.

Following the announcement the shares of the company on stock markets soared by 11 percent.

Even after his departure Dorsey will remain a historical figure for Twitter as he is the one that founded it.

He might return to his post in the future as he already did in 2015, replacing former CEO Dick Costolo.

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