Tom Cruise makes more money from his films than the studios themselves

A new report published in The Hollywood Reporter details that the veteran actor pockets more benefits than those responsible for his feature films.

Tom Cruise  is one of the few actors today who remains true craftsman, doing his own action sequences without the need for a double to come into play to not risk the life or safety of the artist in question. Mission Impossible brought fame to the man who then gave a memorable show with Risky Business in 1983, starring in a dance sequence that is currently being studied and is being recreated at universities. 

Through  The Hollywood Reporter , it has now become known that the actor pockets more money than the same studios that make his feature films.

It is a case similar to what we have seen with  Robert Downey Jr.  and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since the actor who gives life to Iron Man is by far  the one who has earned the most money with his comic performances  on the big screen, spending a lot above his peers and even establishing clauses in his contract to take benefits from movies like  Avengers: Endgame , which is one of the highest-grossing works in the history of celluloid (it even stole Avatar’s position).

The studio in question with which Cruise works  usually takes 50% of the gross profits of each feature film , about the total income. Cruise is one of the few movie stars who take benefits from the film from the moment it is released in theaters since it is usual for the artists to take an extra part when that is already profitable for those responsible.

For the same reason, the actor is currently fighting for the next installment of  Mission Impossible  to have an  exclusive 45-day pass through theaters  and not go directly to Paramount + (there, he would not take extra benefits in addition to his salary). Tom Cruise is one of the last of his kind since  the Star-system is disappearing  (even Spielberg has confirmed it ), and these practices are less and less common, if not almost non-existent, except for some cases such as that of the protagonist of  Top Gun .

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