To Celebrate Her 30th Birthday, Selena Gomez Adopted Fairytale Elegance

The well-known artist Selena Gomez turned 30 on July 22 and celebrated her birthday. Last weekend, the celebrity-hosted a party for her anniversary, inviting her friends and family.

Since the two singers have been close friends for a long time, her good friend Taylor Swift also came to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday.

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Selena displayed the picture she picked for the occasion on her blog. The actress donned a long pink Versace dress that was transparent and had a little train. Gomez complemented her outfit with hoop earrings and heeled sandals while pulling her hair back into a high ponytail.

Fans of Selena were enthralled by the star’s appearance and compared her to a princess.

Selena, be gentle. It’s perfect for you,” To say you look lovely is an understatement, Princess. She is the ruler of my heart, and I am speechless. Fans of Selena Gomez joyfully comment, “You are too lovely.

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Selena stated that, in light of the lessons she has learned over the past ten years, she is prepared to enter her 30s.
“My twenties were a trip through the wonderful, the difficult, and the pleasant times. They all contributed to the person I am today.

I’m the kind of person that is still learning but is becoming more certain about his priorities and desires. Someone who is appreciative of all the blessings and lessons they have received.


In order to be the best version of myself for myself, others, and you, I want to try my best to accept both the beautiful and the painful things in life. My heart is brimming with appreciation after a few days of celebration, and I can say that I’m beginning to genuinely enjoy my 30s, ” the celebrity said.

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