‘They knew he was gone’: Langer resigns amid player ‘unrest’ over coaching method

Cricket Australia should have been more upfront and transparent over the whole Justin Langer saga instead of drawing it out by “not telling us the truth”, says Sky News host Chris Smith.

It comes as Justin Langer resigned as the coach of the Australian men’s cricket team on Saturday morning.

“They should have said after The Ashes, ‘sorry there is unrest in the team … about his methodology and we’re going to move on’,” Mr Smith said.

“If you have close looks of the celebrations afterwards, and I mean both the T20 and The Ashes, there were some of the players there that couldn’t look him (Langer) in the eye – they knew he was gone.

“There’d obviously been a deal done with Cricket Australia to say we’ll give him one more extension, a very short extension so that it doesn’t look like as if we’ve gotten rid of someone who’s been attached to so much success.”

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