The reason why Aldi shoppers can’t find viral Subway ‘dupe’ rolls in Scottish stores

Aldi has once again been a huge hit with shoppers looking for budget priced ‘dupes’ for less.

This time it has been their ‘Village Bakery Italian Style Metro Rolls’ – also known as Metro Rolls – that have taken social media by storm for being similar to iconic sandwich company, Subway.

Social media has been awash with shoppers who have been sharing their own Subway creations as they re-create the iconic sandwiches from home. In fact, some shoppers have even branded the supermarket as “shameless” for the ‘dupe’ after their infamous caterpillar war with M&S.

At just 89p for a packet of four, the viral food ‘dupe’ is similar to Subway in almost everyway – except for price.

However, many shoppers have spotted the Metro Rolls are not currently available in Scottish stores, with them only being seen down South.

The reason why? Because we already have a very similar product that can be seen as a Subway ‘dupe’, reports GlasgowLive.

Shoppers have wondered why Scotland do not have the sub roll
Shoppers have wondered why Scotland stores do not have the sub roll

Taking to Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group, one member said: “Fellow Scottish followers, I’ve just done my big shop in Aldi can’t get over how much I’ve got for the price.

“Only downfall is the Metro rolls are England only so hopefully they will come to our Scottish stores soon until then baguettes will do.”

After posting her thoughts online, one shopper said you can also buy them in Wales with another shopper adding that Scotland has another similar product – Brownings White Sub Rolls – which also come in a four pack.

Well, if you’re wondering why we can’t get a hold of them at the moment, Glasgow Live also managed to speak with Aldi to find some answers.

And as it turns out, we could soon see them in our stores with Aldi telling Glasgow Live that due to the “success” elsewhere in the UK, they’ll be making a decision about Scottish stores soon.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi explained: “As our Scottish stores already sell a delicious Sub Roll, we’ve been testing the popularity of the Metro Rolls in our English and Welsh stores.

“Now we have seen the Metro Rolls’ great success, we’ll shortly be making a decision about future Scottish availability.”

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