The Gap Was Accused Of Ripping Off Kanye West’s Yeezy Gap, Designed By Balenciaga Styles

Rapper “Praise God” shared a screenshot of a text message discussion with a buddy who had given an URL to a navy logo t-shirt on Gap ‘s website and said, “This is Gap imitating YGEEB,” about Yeezy Gap. West’s collaboration with the high-end design house and the American clothing powerhouse Balenciaga was created by them.

Yes, West, 45, answered his friend. But they canceled the photo session with my kids in Japan without telling me; the Grammy winner charged in the description of the post.

West criticized the business for purportedly holding a meeting on his designs without him less than 24 hours prior.

He said in the text of a photo of the new shiny visor-style sunglasses from Gap, known as the YR 3022 YZYGAP SHDZ and notably seen on Kim Kardashian and the daughters of the former couple, “Gap held a conversation about myself without me.”

In a similar vein, West also sued Adidas, the company in charge of producing and distributing his Yeezy line, for reportedly establishing Yeezy Day, recruiting workers, and making design decisions without involving him.

West committed to a 10-year contract with Gap in 2020, and since then, he has been a major source of news for the company—albeit not always favorable press; earlier this month, customers were outraged to learn that the Yeezy Gap line was being sold out of sacks in shops.

West advised his Instagram followers to turn to the homeless as the greatest influence for all creation in a recent post that has since been removed.

The New Yorker, who first pointed out the unusual display, tweeted, “They won’t assist you in finding your size too, you just have to simply rummage through it all. The shop worker stated Ye got furious when he realized they hung his clothes on hanging since “this is how he intended it.


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