Tamar Braxton Is Showing Off A New Look

Tamar Braxton looks great with this new hair and fans are simply in love with her. Check out her amazing look here.

‘It’s all for you if u make a move,’ Tamar said.

Someone else said: ‘That’s a whollllleeee lattttttaaaa Monnnneeeyyu,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘It’s all for me if you make a album too.’

One other fan said: ‘Shimmy Shimmy yay, Shimmy yay, Shimmy ya (Kyuh!) (Trank)’ and a commenter said: ‘Ooooh you’re looking really tasty in these photos.’

A follower said: ‘@tamarbraxton you look so pretty my Pisces sister,’ and one other commenter posted this: ‘What we really neeeed is for you to go live and talk to us. We miss the Tamar who was about her fans. Ok bye.’

Somoene else said: ‘You’re hair is growing very nicely! I hope you had an amazing thanksgiving! @tamarbraxton.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Luv u, but stop the botox, it’s taking distorting your natural beauty my sister.’

One other follower said: ‘ I know that’s right @sing..Rap music too many haters & polutted & Misleading the children to Multiple failures.’

Tamar Braxton   is advertising some juicy products for hair care. Check out the latest products that ladies should have.

‘@MielleOrganics by @Exquisitemo is having her 7th Black Friday sale and products are on sale for $6! Be sure to visit mielleorganics.com to shop and stock up! Now everyone knows that Mielle has the best giveaways and contests to win big so here is how what you’ll be entered to win when you purchase during the sale: Orders under $100 – $7 Flat-rate shipping Spend $100 to receive free shipping and to qualify for tech bundle Spend $125 to qualify for a $10k cash prize or rent/mortgage payment
 Spend $150 to qualify to win a brand NEW set of wheels #miscandaltosuccess,’ she captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Tamar why are you not hosting the Wendy Williams Show… We need your energy,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Lmfaooo it’s the promo for me! Tamar you are hilarious. But yeah get y’all some Mielle, shit works wonders.’

Tamar is getting tons of love from fans and followers these days as she is waiting to meet the love of her life.

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