Tamar Braxton Is Advertising Some Hair Products That Have Fans In Awe

Tamar Braxton is advertising some juicy products for hair care. Check out the latest products that ladies should have.

‘@MielleOrganics by @Exquisitemo is having her 7th Black Friday sale and products are on sale for $6! Be sure to visit mielleorganics.com to shop and stock up! Now everyone knows that Mielle has the best giveaways and contests to win big so here is how what you’ll be entered to win when you purchase during the sale: Orders under $100 – $7 Flat-rate shipping Spend $100 to receive free shipping and to qualify for tech bundle Spend $125 to qualify for a $10k cash prize or rent/mortgage payment
 Spend $150 to qualify to win a brand NEW set of wheels #miscandaltosuccess,’ she captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Tamar why are you not hosting the Wendy Williams Show… We need your energy,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Lmfaooo it’s the promo for me! Tamar you are hilarious. But yeah get y’all some Mielle, shit works wonders.’

A fan said: ‘Jus open mine last night my daughter said the hair products came…’ and someone else posted this: ‘I use their products. I’ve got the rosemary mint crème in right now! Haha.’

A follower said: ‘Just put my order in, I’m a licensed stylist, don’t know how the products irks but want to support black business.. hope it’s good.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘That’s what I use. A girlfriend gave me recently theeave in conditioner, mousse, moisturizer. My natural hair is curly. I love these products.’

A fan said: ‘Thanks for the heads up on the sale. @tamarbraxton How much do your charge for this service??’

Someone else said: ‘This js the Tamar Ive been waiting for. Hi-larious chile!!!’

Tamar Braxton   shared a video on her social media account that has fans hungry. Check out the post that she dropped here.

‘The BEST thanksgiving Mac and cheese in the WORLD!!! Thank me later#happythanksgivng,’ she shared.

Someone posted this message: ‘Am I the only one who thought this was cream corn?’ and a commenter posted this: ‘The eggs is it what makes it creamy. It’s to hold it together.’

In other news,   Tamar Braxton   shared a post on her social media account with which she suggests that she is getting ready to find love again. Check out her post below.

‘Somebody’s son… coming up soon,’ Tamar captioned her post.

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