Still Game Mastermind contestant puts superfans to the test with specialist subject

A Welsh contestant stunned fans as she chose Still Game for her specialist subject on Mastermind, as fans tuned in to see if they matched her score.

Operations manager Kathryn Howells, had the whole of Scotland backing her as she put her knowledge to the test on the iconic  BBC Two quiz show.

She answered an impressive 9 out of 12 questions correctly on the first round, and one incorrectly; she made the mistake of saying Isa donated to a charity for Madagascan ‘Parakeets’ instead of ”Love Birds’ in Series 9 episode Over The Hill.

The Still Game fanatic also passed on another two questions.

She was asked where the external shots of Osprey Heights were filmed (Maryhill) and the name of the “draconian” care home Jack and Victor moved to from their high-rise in series 7 episode Down and Out (Braemar Care Home.)

Kathryn chose Still Game as her specialist subject on Mastermind

After finishing the tough General Knowledge round, Kathryn came in joint-third, alongside fellow contestant Lillian Crawford, with a total of 16 points.

Kit Lane, whose subject was 17th century actress Nell Gwyn, was crowned winner with an impressive 21 points and will go into the semi-finals of the TV quiz show.

Still Game superfans flooded Twitter with their support for Kathryn – with some even proudly sharing their own scores.

Enid Eyeglass wrote: “Big respect to the person on Mastermind who is doing Still Game as their specialist subject.”

Brian Spalding added: “Specialist subject Still Game on Mastermind now. This is why we pay the license fee.”

Ryan Dunbar even seized a rare opportunity to correct host Clive Myrie: “Side note for Clive Myrie on mastermind when asking a Still Game question….it’s WECLOME not WELCLOME.”

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