Spears Stated, If I Had Christina Aguilera’s Dancers, I Would Have Seemed Very Little In Comparison

Reaction to her apparent body shaming of Christina Aguilera’s dancers has been negative for Britney Spears.
I wish I had been able to pick my kids’ babysitters, my dancers, etc. It’s true that without Christina Aguilera’s dancers, I would have seemed much smaller. So, why not have a conversation about it? On Monday, the 40-year-old celebrity said this on Instagram.
Her article was followed by a Rodney Dangerfield quote: “I learned that there was just one way to look slender: hang out with obese people.”
Spears went on to unload her frustrations from her time in conservatorship, saying that her self-esteem would have been better served if she had been able to “choose where I lived, ate, talked on the phone, dated, and who was on stage with me!!!”
The singer completed a four-year Las Vegas residency and many global tours over an approximately 14-year legal arrangement set by her estranged father, Jamie Spears. According to her, she was forced to go on tour in 2018.
Meanwhile, 41-year-old Aguilera embarked on many tours during Britney’s Sin City stay and later took up residence at Planet Hollywood after her longtime pop rival left. Many of Britney’s fans were upset when she compared her dancers’ bodies to Christina Aguilera’s.
Britney… One participant stated that body shaming should no longer be tolerated, and many others agreed.
A devoted fan pleaded with the protagonist to remove the message immediately. Someone person criticized Britney’s tweet, saying, “There is so much more to life than appearing slender. This is so f—king offensive, Britney, said another.
But Britney, who once remarked in a now-deleted voice message that she doesn’t mind upsetting others since she has felt insulted her whole life, still doesn’t appear to care about the criticism she receives. For her part, Britney said, “It’s painful sometimes now I realize how much of my femininity was torn away at that time and everyone sat back and didn’t say anything!!!” in her Monday message. In any case… I’ll be the one here talking about taboo topics that no one has ever discussed.

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