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  Snowstorm leaves remote mountain pub in UK stranded, 61 trapped Photo: pixabay.com

People who came to the UK’s pub located at a mountain’s peak are spending their third day in it as they are unable to leave following a snowfall.

Initially they came to the pub to listen to a tribute band that played songs of the famous group Oasis.

However Storm Arwen made roads impossible to pass due to heavy snow and power cables that have fallen.

The manager of the pub Nicola Townsed said that the situation is under control and everyone is in good spirits.

The pub is located 528 m above the sea level which is its main defining trait.

Even the front door itself was covered in snow to an extent that people had to dig out a tonnel by themselves.

At least 61 people have already spent two nights far from their homes with a third one soon to come.

“It’s just been a lovely and everyone is in really good spirits. They’ve formed quite a friendship, like a big family is the best way I can describe it. One lady actually said ‘I don’t want to leave’,” the manager said.

One of the customers described the situation as exciting and said that it will be interesting to see how the situation will unfold.

“I’m quite chilled about being stranded, it’s quite exciting but we’re missing our son who is with his nana. I am wondering how long we will be here for though.”

Currently special services are focusing on people who might need extra help due to the storm.

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