Scottish Premiership VAR costs revealed as contributions set to be based on league position

The Scottish Premiership could see the introduction of VAR next season.

All 42 member clubs of the SPFL will vote next week on whether or not the technology will be used in Scotland.

The vote comes six months after initial meetings were held to discuss the proposed introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in Scottish football’s top flight.

To get the green light, the proposal must be agreed upon by at least 75 per cent of the clubs from each of Scotland’s four professional tiers.

If approved, VAR will be rolled out and used during Scottish domestic top flight games for the first time after December’s World Cup finals.

Financially, the introduction of VAR could cost a fair bit of cash.

According to figures from the BBC, the amount each club will need to contribute will depend on their final league position this season.

The team that tops the table this season will be issued with biggest bill – paying 16.29 per cent of the total cost.

Second place will be required to fork out 11.67 per cent of the costs.

The pay scale drops as you travel down the league table with this seasons 12th place club paying much less than half than the champions – contributing 5.63 per cent of the total costs.

As the league stands, Celtic will be the team paying out the most as they remain six points afloat at the top of the Scottish Premiership.

VAR was introduced to the English Premier League back in 2019, with hopes the technology could eradicate ‘clear and obvious errors’.

How much clubs will need to pay – Full list

League Position Cost Contribution (%)
1st 16.29%
2nd 11.67%
3rd 10.03%
4th 8.81%
5th 8.21%
6th 7.61%
7th 6.97%
8th 6.69%
9th 6.38%
10th 6.08%
11th 5.63%
12th 5.63%

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