Samsung ‘The Freestyle’ projector review: Taking the TV everywhere

7NEWS reviews The Freestyle. Samsung provided us with a device for testing purposes, however, this hasn’t affected our views on the product.

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How do I get it and what will it cost?

Logos: Samsung Freestyle.

Samsung’s rather interesting and innovative portable projector is available to purchase in retail stores from Monday, February 7th. Pre-order is available now.

It’ll cost you $1,299 and can be snapped up from Samsung, Harvey Norman and other major retailers in Australia.

Who is it good for?

Samsung Freestyle has a stunning design with a small footprint – especially for a projector that can turn any space into a cinematic experience.

Yes, there are other options out there on the market that might have more ‘impressive’ specs but they don’t look this good or work this well out of the box. It truly is a portable device that just works.

If you love streaming content, want something that is easy to set up and like the idea of taking the big screen with you anywhere you go, The Freestyle ticks all the right boxes.

How does it work?

Logos: Samsung Freestyle.

As someone who owns a projector, that currently sits in the cupboard and only comes out on special occasions due to the size and weight of the thing, The Freestyle grabbed my interest as soon as it was announced at CES.

The Freestyle weighs under one kilogram and had the promise of being an ultra-portable big screen that you could take anywhere – as long as you have either a screen to project onto or a white wall (or roof, for that matter).

It doesn’t disappoint. The Freestyle is compact and has a really modern cylindrical design. Controls are situated on the front of the device, just below the lens – and an included remote makes operating the projector very easy. There is also the option to control it with an app.

If you’re more into things being hands-free, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Samsung’s own Bixby smart assistants can be used to control certain things on the device.

There are a few ways that you can power this gadget – but you will need an external power source since there is no in-built battery. If you’re wanting to use it while you’re out and about, a power bank that supports USB-PD/50W/20V output will be a required purchase – or you can also plug it into a standard wall socket.

Logos: Samsung Freestyle.

After the initial setup, I did notice a fair amount of lagging within the software, however, this seemed to be short-lived once it was completely up and running with a 1080p high-definition display that will project up to 100-inches of your favourite video content onto any white surface.

The Freestyle will also adjust automatically to where the content is being displayed to ensure a great experience. During my testing with the device, I had no issues with projecting content on a wall, the roof and even a table. Each time the projector adjusted for those surfaces.

The stand makes this process extremely easy as you can just swing it around to display wherever you need. And while it might not be the brightest projector on the market, I found that the image quality was more than fine.

From streaming the latest Netflix blockbuster movie Don’t Look Up, The Voice Generations on 7plus or catching up on some 80’s music videos from Samsung’s included free service, TV Plus – everything was so immersive and turned the wall in the bedroom into a makeshift theatre room.

When it comes to sound, The Freestyle also does a pretty impressive job for such a small device. The ‘360-degree sound radiation technology’ might be a mouthful and sound like marketing jargon, but I also had no problems with the audio that came from the in-built speakers. There is the option to connect an external Bluetooth speaker if you wish.

Finally, a thoughtful design element to The Freestyle is the clear lens cap. It turns the projector into a colourful ambient light when not in use.

Logos: Samsung Freestyle.

What we think

Samsung has come out with a really fun and easy to use portable device here.

While it may not be the right device for people who are more after a professional home cinema experience with all the bells and whistles, The Freestyle is good enough for everyone else – and it’s that ease of use that holds the appeal.

A big screen that you can take anywhere is certainly an impressive idea and something that Samsung has nailed with The Freestyle.

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