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During struggle for the ship’s survivability, one soldier died and another 27 crew went missing, the Ministry of Defense has said

As a result of a fire on April 13, the Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva was seriously damaged due to a detonation of ammunition, Russia’s Ministry of Defense claimed on Friday. One serviceman died and another 27 crew members went missing, it said.

Attempts by the crew to put out the fire did not lead to a result.

“In the course of the struggle for the ship’s damage, one serviceman was killed, another 27 crew members were missing. The remaining 396 crew members were evacuated from the cruiser to the ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the area and taken to Sevastopol,” the ministry said.

The vast majority of officers, midshipmen and sailors of the contract service of the cruiser Moskva have expressed a desire to continue serving on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, the ministry added.

It clarified that a number of servicemen who wished to transfer to other garrisons will continue to serve on the vessels of other fleets.

The Ministry of Defense said it is providing all the necessary support and assistance to the relatives and friends of the deceased and missing from the crew of the cruiser Moskva.


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