Ricky Martin’s Attorney Disputes A New Sexual Assault Allegation Against Him

After a comparable case was dropped, Ricky Martin was charged with sexual assault. According to the Associated Press, the Grammy Award winner, 50, was named in another complaint made Friday at a police department in Martin’s birthplace of San Juan, Puerto Rico, after suing his nephew for claimed extortion over false charges.

These allegations are incredibly disrespectful and totally unfounded, his attorney José Andréu-Fuentes tells PEOPLE in a statement. This individual had previously made similar accusations, but his legal action had to be dropped, in part because he had sworn under oath that Ricky Martin had never physically harmed him.

He is now trying to propagate his lies once more after being charged for trying to extort Mr. Martin. Andréu-Fuentes continues, “It is past time that the media stop giving this very troubled guy the oxygen of attention and allow him to seek the help he so obviously needs.”

Although the specifics of the claims and the name of the accuser are not known, the AP said that the new lawsuit was brought by Ricky’s nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, whose mother is Ricky’s sister.

As the claimed occurrence is not recent, they stated that the accusations would not instantly trigger an arrest. Instead, police will conduct an investigation to decide whether charges should be filed.

Dennis first requested a temporary domestic abuse injunction against his uncle in July, while Ricky’s representative referred to the allegations as wholly untrue and made up.

According to the accusation, the two were intimately linked for seven months, and Martin refused to believe that their supposed relationship had terminated two months before. Dennis claimed he pleaded for the injunction out of concern for his safety.

Unfortunately, the person who made this accusation is dealing with serious mental health issues, said Marty Singer, another attorney for Ricky, in a statement to PEOPLE. Of course, Ricky Martin has never been in a sexual or romantic connection with his nephew and never will be.

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