Queen Elizabeth II in an elegant sun-colored coat at the unveiling of a metro line in her honor

Queen Elizabeth II in an elegant sun-colored coat at the unveiling of a metro line in her honor. And one more “homemade” bow of the Queen, in which she went out to receive an amazing gift.

On Tuesday, the 96-year-old Queen of Great Britain, in all her splendor, arrived at Paddington London Underground station to personally open a new line named in her honor – the Elizabeth line. For the solemn visit, Elizabeth II chose a sunny yellow tweed coat and a delightful matching hat decorated with flowers.

Her Majesty completed her cheerful outfit with her favorite piece of jewelry – a yellow gold and diamond brooch, presented to her ten years ago by the government of Singapore for the diamond jubilee of her reign. The design of the brooch is inspired by the bird of paradise plant. This exclusive piece of 18k yellow gold and 61 diamonds is crafted by jeweler Tomis Kwan in a traditional Peranakan style that combines ancient Chinese and Malay influences.

In addition, on the same day, another amazing surprise for the anniversary of the reign awaited the Queen. Her Majesty personally went out into the courtyard to accept the incredible gift. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev sent a rare Karabakh horse to the courtyard of Windsor Castle. The Queen, who loves horses, said it was “a very sweet and generous gesture.”

Aliyev explained his gift with gratitude for the fact that the riders and horses of Azerbaijan were asked to partake in the final performance of the Royal Equestrian Show “Gallop through Time,” arranged in honor of the platinum jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II and at which the Queen was personally present.

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