Putin: Russian model who criticised president found dead in suitcase

The body of a Russian model who went missing after calling President Putin a “psychopath” has been found inside a suitcase.

A Russian model who called Vladimir Putin a “psychopath” has been found dead and stuffed inside a suitcase, it has been reported.

Gretta Vedler, 23, went missing a year ago after her anti-Putin social media rant, but the two events do not appear to be connected, the New York Post reports.

“Vedler’s ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, 23, has now confessed to strangling her to death before driving her 300 miles to the Lipetsk region (south of Moscow) and abandoning the body in the boot of a car,” the Daily Star reported.

Korovin told authorities he slept in a hotel room for three nights with her dead body, which was stuffed in a newly bought suitcase. The man then left her body in the trunk for a year but kept posting to her social media pages to make it look like she was still alive.

Ms Vedler’s page had posts updated as recently as yesterday.

In January 2021, Ms Vedler had raised concerns over Putin’s crackdown on protests and desire to enhance the integrity of Russia.

“I can only assume, in my opinion, clear psychopathy or sociopaths is seen in him. For psychopaths, it is important to constantly experience a sense of fullness and sharpness of life, so they love risk, intense experiences, intense communication, intense activity – an intense and dynamic life,” she wrote, according to the Mirror.

This story appeared in The New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

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