Pensioner driver made fatal mistake before knocking down woman with double decker bus

A double decker bus driver failed to check his blind spot before tragically knocking down and killing a woman.

Kenneth Cherry, 73, pulled up to a set of traffic lights on November 19, 2020. The court heard how the pensioner set off from the lights when they were changing from red to green, but did not check his blind spot.

Prosecutor, Scott Phillips, said that Cherry knocked over his victim Audrey Williams, 63, in Burscough and the rear nearside of the wheel went over her legs.

Cherry appeared in Liverpool Magistrates’ Court for the first time on March 18 and pleaded guilty to causing the death of Ms Williams, Liverpool Echo reports.

Scott Phillips, prosecuting, said: “The victim was screaming out in pain and this, along with passengers shouting, alerted him (Cherry) that something had happened.”

He turned the Arriva vehicle at an angle to the right and quickly stopped.

Mr Phillips continued: “The victim was lying on the road with catastrophic leg injuries but conscious and breathing. A police patrol was there within minutes of the collision and first aid was administered by the attending police patrol until an ambulance arrived.

“She lost consciousness and stopped breathing. CPR was commenced by paramedics for a prolonged period and she was taken to Whiston Hospital where she as pronounced dead at 12.16pm shortly after arrival. A Home Office pathologist said the cause of death was severe pelvic and leg injuries.”

Audrey Williams, 63, died after being hit by a bus
Audrey Williams, 63, died after being hit by a bus

The prosecution explained when Cherry was interviewed in February, he said he ‘had been looking to his right at the traffic lights’.

Mr Phillips continued: “When they changed to green he proceeded forward into the crossing. He said he never checked the left hand side of the bus. When the lights changed to green he assumed the crossing was clear and proceeded into the crossing. He had not checked his blind spot.”

He told the court that Cherry’s driving had “fallen below that of a competent driver…..It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure the crossing is clear.”

Defence barrister Peter Wilson said that the case involved “a momentary lapse of concentration.” He added Cherry set off when the lights had changed to green but he admitted not checking to his left.

Mr Wilson said that the defendant has no previous convictions and has since given up his driving licence. Cherry was further remanded on bail to await sentence on May 9 and meanwhile a pre-sentence report is to be prepared.

In a statement after the tragedy, Ms WiIlliams’ family said: “Audrey will be sadly missed by her loving partner Stephen and their families.”

Many people shared their thoughts online, paying tribute to Audrey and extending their sympathies to her family.

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