Paco Rabanne launches the NFT collection of archival dresses to preserve the brand’s heritage

In collaboration with Selfridges, Paco Rabanne presented the NFT collection of archival models of famous futuristic dresses. According to new brand general manager  Nadia  Dhouib, profits from virtual sales will be used to fund the preservation of the brand’s physical archive. According to the release, Paco Rabanne is “selling the future to buy back the past.”

The collection includes 12 outfits in total, including a metal suit with a miniskirt from the fall-winter 1990 collection, a mini dress with suction cups from the spring-summer 1997 collection, and iconic models like a chain mail dress or a dress with studs golden color.

NFTs will be available in a limited number of 56 copies. Their cost starts from about 600 pounds.

According to the brand, it is also good to bring “unsuitable” items for everyday wear into the virtual world, where it is easier to wear them.

The collection will be presented on the Decentraland virtual platform during Metaverse Fashion Week. All profits from NFT sales will go towards financing the Paco Rabanne archive, including the purchase of vintage clothing, sketches, image rights, video and radio recordings of the designer himself, and improving the preservation and storage of all these items.

Virtual collections and NFTs have recently become a real trend in the industry. Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Etro, and Rebecca Minkoff have already made their mark in the metaverse. Some brands, however, found themselves in the virtual world against their will. For example, the luxury brand Hermes was suing an NFT artist for selling virtual copies of the famous Birkin bags.


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