Ncuti Gatwa set for ‘immense’ run as Doctor Who, says showrunner Russell T Davies

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has teased Ncuti Gatwa’s run as the Time Lord will be ‘immense’.

The Rwandan-Scots actor is set to take over from Jodie Whitaker whose final episode will air later this year, and Ncuti’s run as the 14th Doctor will air in 2023.

Best known for his role in Netflix’s Sex Education as Eric Effiong, the show’s lead character.

He is making history as the first ever black actor to take on the leading role of the Doctor, after Broadchurch actress Jodie became the first ever woman to take the reigns in 2017.

When speaking to Radio Times, Davies teased that he and the team have “immense plans”.

He said: “I can’t wait to talk to you about them but it’s just not fair. Jodie [Whittaker’s] there. She owns it, she’s got a big finale in October and if we start nipping– we have to announce today because people would have found out about Ncuti whether we liked it or not, that’s the curse of Doctor Who.

“You have to announce things in advance, but now we’re going to shut up. 2023, you’ll be sick of me. Talk to me in 23, that’s going to be my catchphrase. F**king hell, that’s dreadful.”

Asked about Jodie Whittaker’s upcoming finale, currently known only as the centenary special, Davies confirmed that he has seen it and it’s “beyond epic”.

He said: “It’s like a 10-year-old’s fantasy version of Doctor Who but with muscle and punch and light and colour.”

Davies also said that he had spoken to Whittaker the previous day and she was “so happy” about Gatwa’s casting.

She wasn’t the only one – with other Doctors including Matt Smith, Sylvester McCoy and David Tennant passing on their well wishes.

Actress Karen Gillan tweeted: “We have a new doctor!!!!!”

Georgia Tennant, David Tennant’s wife who also played Jenny in Doctor Who tweeted: “Hello Dad.”

Ncuti’s Sex Education co-star Asa Butterfield gushed: “Incredible, the most deserving man out there. Wowowowowow!!”

Ncuti’s first episodes as the Doctor will air in 2023.

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