Matt Reeves explains his citations for making Barry Keoghan’s Joker.

The new Joker is really scary, and the director responsible for this version of the character has revealed what inspired him.

The Batman  closed yesterday afternoon with a real bombshell: the publication of an unpublished scene from  Barry Keoghan ‘s Joker Which was cut from the last version of the film, which gave the actor a brief look at the work. Matt Reeves’s vision of this character is really terrifying since this Clown of the crime is full of scars, mutilated, defeated by Batman , and, in general, very punished for his life as a criminal. Locked away in Arkham, Keoghan’s Joker has  a five-minute conversation with Pattinson’s bat  that has set social media ablaze.

classic references

The public does not stop wondering  how it is possible that Reeves left that fragment out of the film  because for a succulent number of spectators, it has been by far the best thing about the film. In a recent interview with Reeves for  IGN , the filmmaker explained what his sources have been to bring to life this terrifying character who has been postulated as the terrifying version of the Joker, with the permission of  Cameron Monaghan ‘s interpretation in the  Gotham  series.

“The scene is kept suspenseful, away from the viewer visually. I wanted to create a version of him that was different but went back to the roots. So it’s very much in the Conrad Veidt mold and the idea of ​​the silent film ‘The Man who laughs'”.

On the other hand, it is clear that in addition to  The Man Who Laughs  (you have an image of the work at the top of these lines), the comic that Matt Reeves has been inspired by has been  Joker , by  Brian Azzrello and Lee Bermejo . But beyond those comic references, Reeves has managed to shape a Joker that we had not seen before on screen,  moving away from the Ledger, Phoenix, and Leto versions , which is surprising because it shows that this character can be shown in very different ways. Different, all arriving at the same port, of course.


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