Marko Grilc’s pregnant fiancee Nina pens emotional letter after snowboard icon’s tragic death

The pregnant fiancee of Marko Grilc has penned an emotional letter following the snowboard icon’s death in an accident at an Austrian ski resort last week.

Grilc, 38, suffered fatal head injuries when he fell and hit his head, which was not protected by a helmet, on a snow-covered rock.

He was survived by partner Nina, son Maxx, daughter Emma and an unborn baby girl due this month.

A champion athlete who retired from competition in 2013 and turned to a variety of filming ventures relating to snowboarding, Grilc had been counting down to the birth of their third child.

“Ohh man our 3rd baby legend is getting born into a wild ride,” the Slovenian wrote on October 30.

Nina Kay opened up on her partner’s death in a letter alongside photos and videos of the family.

“It’s so hard to write this in a past tense, ‘cause my brain is still playing tricks on me, waiting for him to come home,” she wrote.

Marko Grilc with fiancee Nina, son Maxx and daughter Emma.
Marko Grilc with fiancee Nina, son Maxx and daughter Emma. Credit: Instagram

“Marko was everything to us. Some say Instagram is not reality, for us it doesn’t cover even 10 per cent of how amazing our life with him was.

“He was a father without compare, not just on snow, but in life.

“If Emma wanted to sew, he would pull out a tutorial and make her a dress, he worshipped her and made sure she knew she’s a star.

“He was Maxx’s idol, best friend, his ally … if they talked about potatoes in school, Maxx would find a way to include his daddy in that conversation as a hero who can do anything.”

Nina said Marko was “the absolute love of my life” since they day they met.

“We went through a lot in the past 12 years, and he would make me feel so loved, appreciated, so capable and confident, so grateful to have him, than he would say something that made me pee my pants of laughter,” she continued.

“We had plans for life, together … a cabin in the mountains for when we get old … and so much more.

“He was so grateful for everything … I can still see his eyes light up when I brought him coffee in the morning, he would look at me and say ‘Berci, I’m so happy with you, if I knew being married was so awesome I would have done it 10 years ago …’

“He loved life and appreciated every second of it after that back injury and there are no words invented to describe this pain and emptiness.

“This life without his hugs and laughter, his unconditional love, strength, sense of humor, his cheers on snow.

“I just hope, wherever he is, he will wait for us there, so we can be together again, someday, somewhere.”

The grieving mother vowed to keep Grilc’s love of snowboarding front and centre in their children’s lives.

“I wanted to thank everyone who is there for us, thought of us or did anything to keep Grilo’s spirit alive so far,” Nina wrote.

“We’ll do some laps in his honour this friday on a local resort and continue to do them as much as we can for the rest of our lives, cause that’s what he would have loved more than anything … and maybe that way we can hopefully, keep a piece of him alive for Maxx, Emma, his baby girl and all of us.”

“I love you with all my being PChulo, till time stops and I get to hold you in my arms again.”

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