Love Island: Andrew and Tasha open up to each other and share a romantic kiss

Andrew and Tasha have moved a step closer to becoming a couple after they shared a romantic kiss on Love Island. They took a step forward in their still-new relationship by opening up to one another and having a heart-to-heart.

They had both chosen other Islanders in the game of dares, however they decided to go for a chat to talk about their feelings for one another. Tensions were high and an intense scene unfolded.

Speaking about her decision to choose Luca, Tasha opened up to Andrew and became teary. She explained slowly, why she was hesitant about putting all her eggs in one basket.

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She said: “Everyone here, in this villa knows I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do put love out there. In past relationships I’ve done that and I’ve gotten crushed.”

Showing her vulnerable side made Andrew react with care. Placing her hand in his, Andrew said gently: “You don’t have to get upset.”

Sharing a cuddle, Andrew comforted Tasha as she continued opening up to him. She said: “With you, I feel like we do have more of an emotional connection and more of something there, I think I was just scared to put myself in that vulnerable position again.”

A shy Tasha later admitted: “You do make me smile, you do make me feel like I am the only woman in the world and that’s what I want to feel.”

Andrew replied with a smile on his face: “You know how I feel, you know I like you.” This then led to the couple sharing a romantic kiss.

It is too early to say the couple are loved up, but the signs are definitely there for Andrew and Tasha to move past the will-they-won’t-they phase. Perhaps AndSha or TashRew could be brewing on the horizon of a loved-up Love Island?

Viewers were quick to react on social media. Pisskinksareelite @JCommentry tweeted with a crying emoji: “Awwww but Tasha and Andrew thooooo #LoveIsland”

Not everyone was a fan of this potential couple. Beth @bethyjj18 tweeted: “I’m also disappointed in Tasha. Andrew isn’t the one #loveisland”

Angelodc @angeloqpdc tweeted: “Tasha and Andrew acting like a married couple fully knowing they’re gonna nosh off Luca and Paige #LoveIsland”

Olajumoke Oluwatosin @WuleThePhoenix tweeted: “I know Andrew didn’t talk about communication. Babes, you lipsed another girl to make Tasha jealous when you could’ve COMMUNICATED.”

Liv st4 spoilers @fiImstark tweeted: “I don’t know what it is but i don’t trust Andrew and want him away from my girl Tasha #LoveIsland”

Nel @flosphoenix tweeted: “You can just tell Andrew is BUZZING Luca has moved off Tasha lmfao man cannot keep his hands OFF blondie #loveisland”

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