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Large blaze erupts in Nottingham's industrial estate in UK Photo: pixabay.com

More than a hundred firefighters were summoned to industrial premises in Nottingham to extinguish a large blaze that erupted in the evening.

The services were called to the place at around 7:20 pm local time on November 27. Witnesses of the blaze reported that there were plumes of smoke followed by a large fire in Harrimans Lane, Dunkirk.

People who live nearby the burning area were advised to shut down all the doors and windows amid reports of “explosions” in the area of the blaze.

“Due to the large amount of smoke and strong winds we remind residents to stay clear of the area and close their windows and doors,” the emergency services of Nottingham report.

Firefighters were tackling the blaze for several hours as the fire was only gaining in its scale.

The inferno has been recorded on camera from the above.

The blaze at this industrial area is the third for the year, according to the Nottingham Post.

The police also assist Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Services as the officers make roads more available for the firefighter hardware and close the ways for passengers who could randomly drive into the impacted area.

“We have closed Redfield Road, which leads onto the industrial estate and would advise people to please avoid the area as the fire service continues to tackle the blaze,” Sergeant Andy Wright who serves in Nottinghamshire Police said.


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