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Japan becomes second country to close borders amid Omicron concerns Photo: pixabay.com

Japan will close its borders from entries starting Tuesday in a response to the reports of the new variant of the coronavirus dubbed Omicron which has been found in numerous countries, Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida said on Monday. 

If so, Japan would become the second country following Israel to resort to the toughest measures in an attempt to protect its society from allegedly higher contagious strain than the previous one.

“We are taking measures with a strong sense of urgency,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the country does so amid “rapid spread” of the new variant.

Kishida said the country will go on vaccinating its vulnerable part of the population despite 70,1% of Japanese people being fully vaccinated.

The border ban will not affect citizens and residents of Japan who return home. However, if an individual arrives from a country which is included in a list where Omicron presents, a resident will be ordered to go on quarantine in certain facilities.

Earlier, WHO has categorized the new strain as a “variant of concern” saying it will take from days up to several weeks to understand what the world has to deal with.

As of now, several countries have reported new cases of Omicron within its border – Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Botswana, Canada, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Denmark and Israel.

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