It is ‘clear’ the PM and Energy Minister made a ‘monumentally foolish decision’ on net zero

Sky News host Rowan Dean says it is clear Scott Morrison and Energy Minister Angus Taylor made a “monumentally foolish decision” in embracing net zero with countries now scrambling to keep the lights on.

“The simple truth is that which climate realists have always known; namely, that the only way to genuinely clean up air and water pollution is through wealth, strong economy, innovation and technology, not through self-impoverishment,” Mr Dean said.

“As the ever perceptive David Flint writes in this week’s Spectator Australia cover story entitled Weapons of self-destruction, Putin’s criminal aggression demonstrates that all net zero emissions can ever achieve is to advance the interests of the Beijing-Moscow-Tehran Axis.

“The war has exposed the foolishness of American, EU and British politicians in making their countries dependent on Russia for fossil-based energy.”

He said history will likely view COP26 Climate Conference as the “last hurrah” rather than the pavement towards net zero emissions.

“Scott Morrison must recognise, as he did at the excellent ‘pub test’ with Sky’s Paul Murray in Gosford this week, that coal is here to stay. Vladimir Putin has made sure of that.”

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