‘Insecurity’ is what will ‘drive an arms race’

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles says “insecurity” is what “will drive an arms race”.

It comes after Mr Marles addressed senior defence officials at The Shangri-La Dialogue, speaking about climate change and affairs in the Asia-Pacific region.

“In essence, the message that I gave in my speech yesterday, which would characterise what we’re saying to all the countries that we’re meeting, which is that the rules of the road matter – the global rules-based order is really important,” Mr Marles told Sky News Australia.

“We need to be seeing countries relate to each other on the basis of those rules and not on the basis of power and might.

“And that as we are witnessing a very significant military buildup in the Indo-Pacific – it’s very important that that happens in a way which is transparent.

“We’ve got to have reassuring statecraft occur because the fact of the matter is that in the absence of that, we will see insecurity.”

Mr Marles said “insecurity” is what will “drive an arms race”.

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