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Heavy winds in Turkey leave six dead, 52 injured

Extreme winds and storms in Turkey are continuing to terrorize the country as the death toll has risen to 6 while the number of injured has climbed to at least 52.

Most of the deaths were recorded in Istanbul.

The causes of the death are not the wind itself but rather fallen trees and rooftops which were blown away. 

The winds were recorded to reach at least 130 kilometers per hour according to Turkey’s Meteorology General Directorate.

Heavy winds are a usual thing in Turkey however the extent of its force is highly uncommon.

“The strong wind in Istanbul continues to negatively impact our operations. All our teams are working hard for the safe and comfortable travel of our guests,” Turkish Airlines Senior Vice President of Media Relations Yahya Ustun said in a statement.

Among the measures that were taken for the safety of the citizens was the suspension of school activity in ten cities.

The activity of ships and vessels on the Bosphorus was also temporarily stopped.

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