Harvey Price left ‘overwhelmed’ at first £6k nightclub bash with mum Katie

Harvey Price looked overwhelmed as he took part in his first £6,000 nightclub gig with mum Katie Price.

The 19-year-old made a special appearance at the nightclub in Yorkshire, alongside his ex-glamour model mum on Friday night.

Simon Woodcock who works at the Acapulco Club shared the clip on his social media and revealed highlights from Harvey’s appearance.

The teenager performed a meet and greet and there was also a brief appearance by Katie’s ex-fiancé Carl Woods.

“He had a great night even a little dance at parts of the night. Just as fans and crowds started to see him having fun. They started cheering him on a little,” Simon commented on the TikTok video.

Harvey Price was later seen dancing by a podium
Harvey Price was later seen dancing by a podium

“So he walks over and takes photos of the crowd so he can remember his first night out. It’s all in a day. (What a day),” Simon wrote.

The build up to the teenager’s special appearance is revealed in the clip, as the manager shows the lengths they’ve gone to make sure Harvey, who suffers from a range of long-term medical conditions, is comfortable.

In the booth at the nightclub, a train track was set up on the table, along with a bubble machine in the shape of Harvey’s favourite animal, a frog, report Mirror Online.

Colouring pages could also be seen on the table, and when the mum and son duo arrive, they’re swarmed by fans.

Katie helps an unsteady Harvey up the steps to their private booth, and he then settles down to dance along to the music, with the former glamour model sat next to him cheering him on.

“He’s loving it,” manager Simon tells the camera.

As Harvey sits down to play with the train track, former Love Island star Carl can be seen in the background, smiling at the crowds gathered for the teenager’s special appearance.

Harvey Price appeared in the nightclub booth alongside mum Katie
Harvey Price appeared in the nightclub booth alongside mum Katie

He then stands in front of the huge crowd in the nightclub, and films himself on an iPad as he waves at the young clubbers chanting his name.

Harvey is then shown taking part in meet and greets with female fans, and is cheered on by mum Katie as he dances to the Crazy Frog song.

As he leaves the nightclub, Harvey is surrounded by young women, who pose for selfies with the teenager.

Katie shared a picture of the road as she told her fans she was heading up north for her son’s appearance in Halifax, and said it was his “first time in a club”.

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