Gap narrows, but Labor still leads 53-47 in latest Newspoll


The gap between Scott Morrison’s Coalition government and Anthony Albanese’s ALP has narrowed to 53-47 in the latest Newspoll.

Hours after the Prime Minister visited the Governor-General and declared a May 21 date for the federal election, the exclusive Newspoll of 1506 voters conducted between April 6 and 9 for The Australian revealed the tightest margin between the two major parties this year.

The 53-47 result revealed on Sunday night represents a 4.5 per cent swing against the ­government since the 2019 election.

If applied on a uniform basis across the 151 lower-house seats, the ­Coalition would be expected to lose 10 seats in the Parliament.

Labor’s primary vote fell to its lowest level since October, dropping a point to 37 per cent – the same level of support it had at the start of the 2019 election campaign.

But in a worrying sign for the Coalition, its primary vote was unchanged on 36 per cent. This means it must make significant gains in the next six weeks to be in a winning position.

Interestingly, support for minor parties and independents lifted to 27 per cent – almost two points above the 2019 election result – after a lift in support for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party to 4 per cent.

The Greens remain unchanged on 10 per cent, with One Nation level on 3 per cent and “others” recording 10 per cent for a third consecutive poll.

In a minor win for the government, Mr Morrison pulled ahead of Mr Albanese as the preferred prime minister.

Mr Albanese fell three points to 39 per cent while Mr Morrison rose a point to 44 per cent.

It is the largest lead the PM has held over his rival since February, with the two having drawn level in early March.

It was the second poll to be conducted in the space of a fortnight, after the government’s cost-of-living budget and Mr Albanese’s budget reply.

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