From The Don’t Worry Darling Teaser, Olivia Wilde Had To Remove Explicit Scenes

The director of the new psychological thriller, Don’t Worry Darling , 38, expressed her disappointment at having to remove some explicit sequences from the teaser to the Associated Press as she discussed directing the picture.

She claimed that a lot had to be removed from the trailer. I was disappointed that I had to eliminate certain scenes because the MPA Motion Picture Association, Inc. leaned hard on me and the video at the last minute. I believe they upped the ante.

We do, however, continue to live in a very traditionalist society. According to Wilde, I do believe that the lack of sexiness in American cinema is something novel. She further noted that LGBTQ movies allow female characters to experience more pleasure, which she claimed fans don’t typically see in conventional films.

Consumers are not as pious as businesses would have you believe. However, people become irate. People are already furious with me over this, I mean. It’s a testimony to the movie, in my opinion. We intend to provoke. According to Wilde, the job is not to make you feel secure.

PEOPLE reached out to the MPA and Warner Bros. Pictures for a response, but neither organization responded right away. The movie’s first trailer, directed by Wilde and released in May, managed to incorporate some naked images from two separate sex scenes with actresses Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. In which his persona engages in oral sex with hers.

The latest ep has an age limit, and YouTube warns that it might not be appropriate for all viewers.
The movie is bigger and better than that, said Pugh, 26, in response to the notice those sex scenes have already garnered from viewers.

It’s not why we do it, she replied, when it’s down to your nude scenes or watching the most renowned man on the planet humiliate someone. It’s not the reason I work in this field. Of course, you’re going to have those kinds of discussions when you hire the biggest pop star in the world.


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