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France to send minister to defuse tensions in Caribbean territories Photo: pixabay.com

France will send its minister for overseas territories in an attempt to stem down tensions that emerged in the country’s Caribbean islands around a week ago.

The unrest sparked following the discontent of the people by the way officials handled the COVID-19 situation.

“I don’t think we will return to Paris necessarily having resolved the whole crisis, but if we take things bit by bit and methodically, it will calm things and open a constructive dialogue with all the actors,” one of the officials who is close to Minister Sebastian Lecornu told Reuters.

The measure which was considered as the last straw was the introduction of a health pass for medical workers.

The residents of Guadeloupe and Martinique saw the measure as a sign of marginalization despite the same measure being imposed in mainland France.

Guadeloupe has a history of distrust towards the government following the tragedy that took place in the 1970s when banana plantations were exposed to toxic pesticides on a constant basis.

Following a series of protests and looting an accord was signed with officials to hold meetings and discuss raging questions such as COVID-19 measures as well as rising prices.

The lootings and protests stopped after the local government decided to install a curfew.

This decision was taken after the protest turned violent and police sought to use gun force.

Earlier Lecornu said that he is ready to discuss the autonomy of the islands.

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