Film company Rust was fined $137,000 due to the death of a cinematographer

Alec Baldwin ‘s lawyer says the actor is acquitted.

Rust Movie Productions has been fined the maximum amount possible for deliberate safety violations that led to the death of a cameraman on the set of Rust. Reuters writes about it. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin, who shot Galina Hutchins with a prop weapon, posted on Instagram (banned in Russia) a statement from his lawyer. It said the Bureau of Occupational Health and Safety report vindicated Baldwin.
The attorney’s statement mentions that Baldwin’s powers as a producer of the film were limited to approving script changes and casting.

There are no official statements about Baldwin’s innocence by law enforcement officers yet. An investigation into possible criminal charges is still ongoing. However, the film’s company, Rust Movie Productions LLC, must already pay a $137,000 fine. The investigation found that the filmmakers knew that the film set did not follow firearm safety regulations and showed indifference to the safety of employees.

The report from the New Mexico Bureau of Occupational Health and Safety also said that the revolver was handed over to Baldwin by assistant director David Halls without consulting weapons specialists.

The security coordinator was in the seat and did not take direct action to address security issues. The administration was given many opportunities to take corrective action but chose not to do so. As a result of these failures, director Joel Sousa and cinematographer Galina Hutchins were seriously injured.

Recall that in October 2021, during the filming of the western Rust, Alec Baldwin accidentally shot director of photography Galina Hutchins and wounded director Joel Sousa. The actor was supposed to fire blanks from the prop pistol, but the weapon did not work correctly. The father of Galina herself previously admitted to The Sun that he considers the actor to be at least partially responsible for the death of his daughter.


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