Election night parties Labor and Liberals: Sad images emerge from Liberal HQ

There are tears and heads in hands at the Liberals HQ election night party — as Anthony Albanese wins the election.

There are tears and heads in hands at the Liberals HQ election night party as Anthony Albanese is projected to win the election.

Labor will form the next government, making Mr Albanese the 31st Prime Minister of the country.

The news has not gone down well at the Liberal party HQ and images show despair among the party faithful. was told to head back to the media section while the attendees commiserated the election result in peace.

At the beginning of the night, the large function hall was sparse, with few people attending and sad jazz music punctuating the near-silence.

However, just as the event was filling up, TV screens blared out the news — there is no way the Coalition can win this election.

The chatting – and even smiles and laughter – did not cease nor even falter at the news among the Liberal crowd, which could indicate they had resigned themselves to this fate.

Liberals were already remembering Scott Morrison in the past tense, with one saying in an overheard conversation “he won the unwinnable election, he led this country through the pandemic”.

Several Liberals could be heard whinging that “conservatives are now the minority”.

Smashing glass was heard at one point.

Food remained largely uneaten while drinks in hand could be seen in most of the event attendees.

A few people were still wearing shirts of now-defunct Liberal candidates, like North Sydney’s Trent Zimmerman and Wentworth’s Dave Sharma.

Others had covered said shirts with jackets.

Viewers still wait with bated breath for Scott Morrison’s arrival at the event.

Albo’s son and ex celebrate at Labor function

Meanwhile, the mood is very different at Labor’s HQ.

Anthony Albanese’s son and campaign “good-luck charm” Nathan has arrived at the Labor Party’s official election night function in Sydney.

The 21-year-old was pictured entering the Hurlestone Park RSL where Labor supporters are beginning to celebrate as the vote count indicates Scott Morrison is unlikely to be able to form government.

In an interview with this week Mr Albanese said he had spoken to his son every day of the campaign.

“I do have a way of making sure that I talk to my son every day,’’ he said.

“And that to me is a good-luck charm. He’s still studying. He’s completing his degree. He’s 21.

“We’re close, we live together. He also spends time at his mother’s. But I’m very proud of him. He’s developed into a very fine young man, and he will be out there campaigning for me right up until Saturday at 6pm as well.”

Earlier, sad images emerged from inside the Liberal HQ in Sydney — while Labor’s function has attracted a full house.

The Coalition has booked out a room in the Fullerton Hotel to watch the results come in, but even at almost 8pm live images on TV show there is hardly anybody there.

A side-by-side image on Channel 9 showed that, at the same time, Labor’s election night event was packed out. reporter Alex Turner-Cohen is at the Liberal Party function and described the mood as “subdued”.

“This could be nervousness with polls tipped for a hung parliament or a Labor win. However, the underwhelming vibe could also be a combination of the jazz music, the lack of drinks to go around and the vast empty space in the function room — with many more bums on seats expected for tonight,” she wrote.

“Liberals huddle together, chatting and laughing but eyes forward, ready for when the TV screens flicker over to the result. One man was clearly already trying to drown his sorrows, smashing his drink just before 9pm.”

Meanwhile at the Labor function in Sydney’s Hurlestone Park, reporter Natalie Brown says the vibe couldn’t be further from than that of the Liberal Party’s function.

“There’s a jovial – borderline rowdy – energy on the ground here more akin to a Saturday at an inner west pub than an election event,” she said.

“As the night carries on it’s also become increasingly harder to move through the crowd – Labor HQ is packed.

“ has observed many a mullet and funky hat among the crowd, the food is getting snuffled up as soon as the servers leave the kitchen, and bar tables are stacked with cans of beer printed with prospective PM Anthony Albanese’s (circa 1994) face.

“And while (current) shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers predicted it’ll be a long night, the ALP partygoers seem cautiously optimistic.”

Both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese have chosen to watch the results roll in from the comfort of their homes.

The Prime Minister has returned to Kirribilli House with his wife Jenny, daughters and some friends.

Mr Albanese is watching the votes come in at his home in Marrickville with his girlfriend Jodie Haydon and dog Toto.

With the early results in, many — including Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles —

are predicting a long night with no clear winner emerging thus far.

“I fundamentally think this is going to be a really close election. I think it will be a very long night,’’ Mr Marles told ABC.

“Federal elections are generally close. We feel we are competitive, but we are coming out of this – out of a pandemic where – around the world and around Australia and that has been a situation which has favoured incumbents, and so this is a pretty big mountain for us to climb, but we feel we put forward an alternative that the Australian people have been crying out for and we are hopeful.”

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