Donald Trump, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet, pilot tells Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer has quizzed Jeffrey Epstein’s former pilot about the politicians and celebrities he flew on a private plane.

Donald Trump, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton all flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, the paedophile’s former pilot told the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

The two former US Presidents and the Duke of York were mentioned as Maxwell faces six charges of sex trafficking and abuse over her alleged role as Epstein’s “madam”.

Lawrence Visoski, who is testifying for the prosecution, was quizzed during cross examination about passengers aboard Epstein’s distinctive Gulf Stream plane, The Sun reports.

He confirmed President Trump, Prince Andrew and President Clinton all flew on the jet – along with other big names such as Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, violinist Itzhak Perlman, and US Senators John Glenn and George Mitchell.

And he also told the court he never saw any sexual activity on the flight, or any underage girls without their parents.

Epstein is long known to have courted the rich and famous as he hid in plain sight – including with flights on his plane.

“I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him,” the pilot told the trial.

He clarified that the millionaire mogul’s flights happened before he was President.

President Clinton, President Trump and Prince Andrew have all previously been reported to have once had friendships with Epstein.

But only Prince Andrew has been accused of sexual misconduct relating to Epstein – and it is an allegation he vehemently denies.

Mr Visoski added that some passengers aboard the plane he was never told the name of – but said he was often allowed to walk through the cabin.

He recalled meeting an alleged victim named as “Jane” – describing her as having “piercing blue eyes” – and high profile accuser Virginia Roberts.

The pilot flew around 1,000 flights for the paedophile when piloting the aircraft from the early 1990s to 2004.

Maxwell was the “number two” in the hierarchy of Epstein’s employees, while the millionaire himself was the “big number one”, he said.

Mr Visoski recalled how Maxwell would often contact him to schedule flights for Epstein.

“She was the one that pretty much handled most of the finance, my expenses, spending in the office,” he told the court.

Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship however then “fizzled out” in the 2000s, the pilot said. She is facing charges relating to four alleged victims, three of whom are appearing anonymously – with the one named complainant being Annie Farmer.

Maxwell first appeared in court this morning just after 8.30am wearing a mask, a green sweater and black slacks while cradling a lime green folder.

She waved to her sister Isabel who is in court to support her – and was also seen taking notes and passing them to her lawyers.

Prosecutors argue Maxwell “served up” young girls to Epstein as part of a pyramid scheme of abuse as she appeared in court in New York.

However her lawyers deny all charges against her, argue she is being made a proxy for Epstein, and have painted the alleged victims as in it for the cash.

The trial continues.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission

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