Dad-to-be slammed over his ‘red flag’ reaction to finding out gender of his baby

A soon to be father has been slammed over his immediate reaction to the news he was having a little boy.

Expectant mum Hannah posted her gender reveal on her TikTok profile, which has now been viewed over 20 million times alongside the caption: “We’re sooo ready to meet you.”

In the clip, you see Hannah throwing a ball at her boyfriend Travis, who is a baseball player for the University of New Orleans.

As Travis hits the ball square on, releasing blue pigment to signal that they’re having a boy and the happy couple have two very different ideas on who they should be celebrating with, reports the Mirror.

Dad to be slammed over initial reaction to gender reveal
Dad to be slammed over initial reaction to gender reveal

Soon-to-be mum Hannah immediately puts her hands to her face in excitement and runs towards Travis to celebrate the good news, but he heads straight towards his friends.

Instead of hugging Hannah, he runs towards the baseball team who all begin chanting and jumping around him while Hannah is standing on the sidelines.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 2.9 million likes and 55,000 comments from people who were all saying the same thing about the reaction.

One person said: “Don’t forget to hug the momma.”

Another wrote: “I’m gonna need a public formal apology from the guys.”

A third commented: “Not ‘the boys’ stealing a moment between mother and father. Congrats on the baby,” to which Hannah replied saying: “Haha it’s ok! They were too excited.”

“Did they forget who was carrying the baby?” said someone else.

And one other person put: “But he went straight to the friends meanwhile you were headed straight for him.”

In a follow-up video, Hannah said she was not upset at all but thanked her followers for defending her.

“Yes, he should have run and hugged me and he knows that and he feels terrible, but he’s not a red flag at all,” she said.

“He’s the best boyfriend in the whole world and he’s going to make the best dad, so that’s OK. Y’all can leave him alone.”

Travis was sitting beside her in the video and agreed, saying he loves Hannah.

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