Coalition has ‘long way to go’ before it can win back lost seats

Independent Member for Wentworth Allegra Spender has agreed with outgoing Wentworth MP Dave Sharma’s assessment that the Liberal Party will never form government if it shifts to the right.

It comes as Mr Sharma has blamed his election loss on voters’ “dislike” of Scott Morrison and warned the Liberal Party should “move back to the centre” if it wants to return to power.

“I think it’s probably right,” Ms Spender told Sky News Australia.

Ms Spender pointed to the fact there are several members on the crossbench who are in “typical Liberal seats” which won’t be won back by the Coalition unless it moves towards the centre.

“Those communities are saying we want strong action on some issues which the government failed to take action on,” she said.

“If the Coalition continues to shift to the right the chances of getting those seats back are very very low – then what is the Liberals’ path or the Coalition’s path to government – it has a long way to go.”

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