Christina Aguilera Talks Relationship With LGBTQ Community

Christina Aguilera is one of the greatest voices of our time. The singer has dazzled people in the music industry and audiences around the world with her amazing talent and given the world ever memorable songs like Back to Basics, Lady Marmalade and Beautiful.

But being one of the greatest and most heard voices in the world in more than one way comes with a lot of responsibility and Christina has made use of her position and her voice to speak up for that which she believes in. Christina Aguilera is one of the biggest allies to the LGBTQ movement.

Christina recently opened up about her relationship with the LGBTQ community and got emotional as she did saying that she feels a strong connection with them and that she owes much of her success to their unwavering support to the singer throughout the years.

Christina’s hit song, Beautiful made a point to feature gay couples and trans women in the official music video of the song. Christina says that she is incredibly proud to have had the chance to put the spot light on the LGBTQ community and help bring the movement into the mainstream as much as she can.

Being an LGBTQ ally is not something that Christina takes lightly, in fact the singer has given significant amount of her time and effort to raising awareness about AIDS and HIV in order to erase the stigma around the diseases and the LGBTQ community

Furthermore, the singer admits that the LGBTQ community has helped her in more than just the support of her music career. Christina says that with the LGBTQ community she’s been able to open up like never before allowing her to express some of her deepest thoughts and feelings with them.

“They’ve allowed me the freedom to be myself and share my deepest, darkest secrets with them,” said the singer.

As of now, Christina is set to headline the pride parade this year and the LGBTQ community could not be more happy with this choice. Famous LGBTQ celebrity Ricky Martin has also approved of Christina saying that the singer’s amazing voice is  “a constant ally to the LGBTQ+ community.”

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