Chris Brown verified Baby No. 3 with Diamond Brown

Chris Brown has just proved that he is the father of Diamond Brown’s baby Lovely. He posted a beautiful picture of the little girl to celebrate her three-month birthday.

Following rumors that Chris Brown is the father of Diamond Brown’s baby, the musician has just confirmed that he is actually sharing a baby with Diamond. The “Go Crazy” singer shared a cute photo of the little one on his Instagram story on April 8. The photo was taken to commemorate the baby named Beau Maron, who is three months old. In addition, Chris posted a string of red heart emojis below the picture. This is the first time he has publicly acknowledged the child.

 In Hawaii on September 9, Diamond first showed off her baby bump in several stunning photos. Instagram post. Since then, Brunette Beauty has shared many pictures of her growing baby bump, celebrating November 7 in Los Angeles with a beautiful baby shower.

Until Chris’s announcement, Diamond had not revealed the baby’s father’s identity, but due to her past rumors with Chris, fans speculated that he would share the baby with her. In the comments section of Diamond’s November 24 Instagram post, a follower said, “Baby Breeze is getting closer. Another fan wrote,” Young CB is coming soon, “while a third person tagged Chris. And congratulations in the comments section, a kid shared a bottle and a teddy bear emoji.

The couple had previously been romantically linked in June 2019, when Chris’ liked ‘one of the young model’s IG posts while Amika Harris was pregnant with Chris’ second child, son  Aeko Brun  2. Diamond also attended the “Forever” singer’s 30th birthday party in May 2019.

In addition to his new child, Chris is the father of two children, a son, Aeko, and a 7-year-old daughter of  Brown of Royalty , whom he shares with the former Nia Guzman. Nia and Royalty live in California. Aeko lives in Germany with Ammika, which makes it difficult for Chris to visit his son. “Chris always sends small presents,” a friend of Chris said in October. “She’s looking forward to seeing her little boy grow up. We’re speculating that Chris will probably go” up and beyond “with Diamond and his new baby.

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