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Canada’s maple syrup reserves halved as country runs low on it Photo: Jürgen Schwenkenbecher/picture alliance/Global Look Press

Canada which is mostly known for its maple syrup is running low on its reserves which were reduced by a half following a bad harvesting season.

One of the main Canadian provinces where maple syrup is produced is Quebec and it was put on performance mode in order to produce additional almost 23 million liters in order to reach the level of demand.

The crisis could be compared only to the one that hit the industry back in 2008.

“This is the purpose of the reserve. To make sure we never miss maple syrup,” a spokeswoman for the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers federation told The Times.

The industry is highly important in Canada and the above mentioned Quebec is where at least 70% of the syrup is produced.

The second country which also focuses on the industry is the US but the numbers are far less huge there.

In addition to the bad harvesting season the lack of syrup is also dictated by the fact that world’s consumption of the product has risen by 2%.

The season for making the syrup lasts only from February till April due to specially needed temperatures in order for maple trees to produce the needed sap.

This is the first bad season in years as 2019 and 2020 were on the contrary considered record breaking.

In order for the situation to not repeat itself again seven million trees were planted.

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