Both parties won’t ‘come clean’ on ‘effective’ agenda

The Australian’s Editor-at-Large Paul Kelly says neither leader is prepared to “come clean” on their plans to address problems facing the nation for fear of losing the election.

Mr Kelly said whoever wins the election will need to address the inflation, deficit, and debt problem “far more aggressively”.

“Neither side, neither Scott Morrison or Anthony Albanese, are prepared to talk about this; neither side is prepared to come clean with the electorate and tell them what will be a coherent and effective agenda for the next three years,” Mr Kelly said.

“They are not prepared to do it because if they did it, they would lose the election.

“The electorate is simply not prepared at this stage to be confronted with the truth – that is the hard policies which this country will need over the next three or six years, and that’s why the leaders of both parties won’t come clean.”

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