Avengers’ Karen Gillan ditches Scots accent to fool unwanted callers with American voice

Avengers’ Karen Gillan has confessed she ditches her Scots accent to fool unwanted callers – instead using her American voice.

The former Doctor Who star was answering a series of questions on Wired’s most searched questions video when she revealed she opts to speak American even in her private life because she is so comfortable with it.

Inverness born Karen told her viewers: “I sound like a Scottish person that’s maybe been on holiday in America. It’s very rare that I’m acting in my natural accent.

“And honestly, it’s gotten to the point now where I’m more comfortable acting in a different accent.”

Karen Gillan would return to Doctor Who with Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill

She added: “I’m really comfortable in an American accent. And sometimes I’ll even use it to speak to a spam caller and I like to keep them on the phone for as long as possible.

“I’ll be American on those calls as well.”

During her question and answer session, Karen told her viewers she had not yet learned to drive despite being in her 30s.

She also told them she would definitely be interested in returning to Doctor Who with Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill.

After talking about he huge rise to fame on the show, Karen said: “On Doctor Who, I was 21 years old, so a baby. That was the big break of my career.

“I went from not working very much as an actor to being in a very beloved show in the UK and I miss it so much actually.

“Would I return to Doctor Who? Never say never. If I was asked I would be really really interested.

“Oh, It would be really amazing. I would like to do it with Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill if I was going to go back.”

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