Australians lost more than $323 million to scammers in 2021

New figures from the ACCC reveal Australians lost more than $323 million to scammers, up 84 per cent since 2020.

Phishing scams, which take personal information from users, including credit card information, made up a quarter of all reports.

Tech Guide Editor Stephen Fenech says it is a “worrying state” where scams are becoming more prevalent.

“In terms of protecting yourself…it just comes down to just using your common sense; I think the first rule of thumb is that if it’s too good to be true, it is too good to be true,” Mr Fenech told Sky News Australia.

“If you are receiving a text message or an email that appears to be from a bank or other institution that you may know of or maybe even part of, check with that institution.

“It’s really important that you think twice before clicking.”

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