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The French far-right politician has also fueled hype with a photo in which he responds to a protester showing him a middle finger with a similar gesture.

Eric Zemmour, a candidate for France’s president position, is finishing on Saturday his trip to the southern city of Marseille marked with protests staged by Antifa activists.

In a speech given in the Panier district famous for the city’s major monument basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, the politician has slammed Marseille’s immigration policy and dubbed its cosmopolitan status a myth.

“If we don’t do anything entire France will be just like Marseille, a city overwhelmed by immigration, partially Islamized.”

Zemmour’s public appearance was short since many citizens chanted offensive slogans while some of them even tried to throw eggs at the politician, local journalists report.

The politician has then held a meeting with police unions whom he promised to ensure a “monopoly to use power and legitimate violence”.

The news about the ex-journalist’s visit has raised a wave of indignation in the heterogeneous seaside city and triggered a wave of protests. Antifa and leftist activists have shouted “Marseille Antifa”, “Zemmour, Marseille is not yours”, “Zemmour, get out of here, Marseille is antiracist”.

“Those are not citizens, those are militants”, the politician commented.

Additional security forces have been deployed to the scene as protesters launched fireworks in the streets.

The event which burst France’s press happened in the afternoon as Zemmour was captured showing a middle finger gesture to a female activist after having dinner at a restaurant near the city’s mayor residence. 

The presidential elections in France are scheduled to take place in April 2022. Earlier, socialist Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has announced that she would take part in the race.

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