Anthony Albanese: Why Australian Prime Minister wearing blue badge in Japan

The new Australian Prime Minister was seen wearing the badge while meeting Joe Biden, as well as the leaders of Japan and India.

Anthony Albanese has been wearing a blue badge during his trip to Japan – in case no one recognises him.

Australia’s new Prime Minister is meeting with President Joe Biden, India’s PM Narendra Modi and Japanese leader Fumio Kishida during Quad talks in Tokyo.

In some of the pictures taken at the summit, Mr Albanese can be seen wearing a blue insignia on his suit.

The badge “denotes his seniority as a Prime Minister – just in case somebody at the venue doesn’t recognise him”, the ABC’s Stephen Dziedzic reported.

This is less of a problem for Biden, Modi and Kishida, all of whom felt they did not need to wear the blue accessory.

Mr Albanese was only sworn in as Prime Minister on Monday, so it is fair to assume that some Japanese people would not recognise him.

The newly-elected PM jumped on a plane to Tokyo within hours of claiming victory in Saturday’s election, after Scott Morrison conceded defeat.

So far the Quad meeting has focused on China’s influence over the Pacific – particularly in the wake of Beijing’s new deal with the Solomon Islands.

Climate change has also been discussed.

“The Solomons was discussed in the meeting, including the issue in which China is seeking to exert more influence in the Pacific,” Mr Albanese said.

“We know that’s the case. Australia is responding to that, along with the US.

“We know that China is seeking to exert more influence in the Pacific and we know that climate change is such an important issue.

“I share the view that this is a national security issue. Climate change is not just about the environment, it’s about the shape of our economies, but also our national security.”

Mr Albanese also said Russia should “pay a price” for invading Ukraine, as he attended a meeting of Australia’s key military allies.

Speaking from Japan where Quad security talks are being held, Mr Albanese said in Australia’s view the invasion of Ukraine was “unilateral, illegal, immoral” and an “outrage”.

“The atrocities which are being committed on innocent civilians is something that we couldn’t have expected in the 21st century,” he said.

“Russia must pay a price for its actions – it’s as simple as that.

“These actions are against democratic values, against national sovereignty, against the rule of law, against the very charter of the United Nations and they should be condemned unequivocally and I do so again now.”

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