A diet rich in vitamin D can help Covid vaccine response

Eating a diet rich in Vitamin D can help improve Covid vaccine efficiency, according to experts.

Experts have previously identified links between Vitamin D deficiency and the coronavirus jab.

Those with sufficient levels of Vitamin D were more likely to respond well to vaccination, according a number of studies including one lead by a team at Maimónides University, Argentina.

Foods such as eggs, fish, mushrooms and nuts, as well as drinks including milk, are rich in the nutrient – and eating more of them could improve your vitamin levels.

Supplements can also be taken to top levels up.

Studies have also shown that the addition of Vitamin D rich foods in our daily diets can help reduce the severity of your illness if infected with Covid.

Dr Amitav Banerjee, Prof & Head of Community Medicines at D Y Patil Medical College Pune, explained that the body required adequate levels of the nutrient to maintain and support a health immune systems.

The immune system is a vital part in fighting off infections including Covid-19 and is supported by antibodies and vaccination.

If your immune system is strong, the virus is less likely to severely impact your health.

“We have found that young adults are about 4 times more likely to have Vitamin D deficiencies as compared to older adults due to the cultural and social changes that have taken over in the past few decades”, Dr Banerjee said, during an episode of online show Health4All.

“Vitamin D deficiency is directly associated with the exposure of skin to the sun.

“We see even the traffic police are found Vitamin D deficient despite having good exposure to sunlight.

“They spend reasonably good time in the sunlight but their skin and face are covered and not exposed to the sunlight,” added the medical expert.

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